Health is not necessarily the absence of illness.

Health prosperity is a lot more than the absence of a disease or illness. Be conscious of your well being. Optimal health requires balancing your physical, mental and spiritual health. Keep your thoughts healthy by LEARNING to confront, challenge and resist unhealthy thoughts, imaginations and beliefs. Your health is your responsibility! Take care of it daily.

Remember,  the fact that you are ill, does not necessarily mean that you are functional.  Your daily functionality has to do with how you spend every second, minute, and hour of your time.   Aside from your occupational work,  what do you spend most of your time doing during the day? Endeavour to fill your day and week with positive activities  : Physical activities such as regular walks, knitting, gardening, swimming  etc . Mental  activities such as doing puzzle, scrabble,  quiz,  jigsaw, reading, writing etc.  These activities help to reduce negativity and promote relaxation.

Good luck!


Dr Ben Bassey



Dr Ben Bassey is licensed psychiatrist. He is a spiritual health Counselor, Evangelist, Missionary Disciple, Christ Ambassador and a Minister of the Word