Enjoying Divine Health in 2017

Divine health is very real!

The major reason why man may not enjoy divine health on earth is due to spiritual ignorance.

In Abasi Health Foundation, we repeatedly emphasise the three broad aspects of health: physical, mental and spiritual.

I love the slogan of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK , which says : ‘No Health Without Mental Health ‘. I believe this is true to a very large extent. Good mental health enables us to maintain positive or healthy positive mindset even in the midst of challenges. However, spiritual health though difficult to conceptualise or understood, allows a much higher level of living, functioning and understanding. There is the world of the spiritual, just as there is the world of the physical and mental. Spiritual understanding enables one to exercise authority and dominion over the spiritual world.

Many people are victims of spiritual ignorance. Our mouth has not been given to us primarily for eating, but to engage in spiritual warfare. We can exercise control over a number of problems, trials and challenges if we know what to do on every situation.


The starting point is to learn to develop a huge ‘hunger’ and ‘thirst’ for spiritual things. ¬†Only the good LORD can truly saturate and satisfy an hungry soul with spiritual information and knowledge. As spiritual knowledge increases through learning, it should culminate in the knowledge of the Truth, thereby leading to ENLIGHTENMENT.


It is not enough to learn. Let your learning lead to the knowledge of the Truth.

Be Knowledgable!

Be Wise!

Be  Enlightened!



Dr Ben Bassey is a consultant psychiatrist and a spiritual health Counselor based predominantly in the UK. He is a retired commodore of the Nigerian Navy. He is very passionate about Spirituality in mental health. He is married with two lovely daughters ( Esther & Victoria). He ministers to others regularly through the Abasi Health Foundation, WordPress ministry and the Ministry of the Word: www.abasihealthfoundation. org www. ministry653.wordpress.com www.ministryoftheword.org