About Us

Abasi Health Foundation (AHF) has a major goal to provide quality and useful information on standard health practices, updates, as well as providing affordable health care in order to alleviate the increasing distress and sufferings in our societies. Abasi Health Foundation is a non-governmental organization with a vision to empower people and promote healthy living through it specialized workshops on health related issues covering the three (3) broad areas of health : physical, mental and spiritual. A lot of emphasis is placed on empowering people to attain optimal mental health stability.  AHF currently has its operational headquarters in Nigeria and is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. However, AHF presently aimed to impact positively on people all over the world. Although the core value of AHF is based on true spirituality principles and philosophy,

AHF is essentially for everyone who is eager to enjoy all-round prosperity in health, as well as those who desire to attain holistic and optimal health. It places a lot of premium on consciously enhancing individual spiritual growth. The spiritual health component of AHF is sub-served by the Ministry of the Word (MOW), an initiative and a spiritual organ of AHF.
Globally, a lot of people have lost the joy of living; indeed many have actually lost their lives or felt like ending their lives, mainly because they are ignorant of what they need to know and do in order to enjoy optimal physical, mental, and spiritual health on a daily basis, 365 days a year.
The World Health Organization (WHO), has defined health as a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of the individual, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Hence, the absence of a disease in individual does not necessarily implies that he or she is enjoying health prosperity.
Abasi Health Foundation is committed to helping people enjoy and attain optimal health by emphasizing healthy lifestyle. Through increasingly unfolding health information, AHF has discovered that many people lack adequate knowledge of how to enjoy prosperous all round health. There  is primarily lack of proper education on healthy practices such as – nutritional values , requirements for proper diets  at different stages of life, the need for routine health checks as well as appropriate knowledge about healthy work schedule, physical activities for efficient  performance and  general health maintenance. Presently emphasis and response to health care,  tend to be on curative health rather than preventive despite the common knowledge that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Abasi Health Foundation encourages regular medical check ups, exercises, relaxation and healthy diet. These are essential to healthy living because they help to keep sickness away as well helping to stabilise your internal state of your health.

AHF aimed at creating awareness through workshops on major health issues such as environmental hazards , occupational health, basic health hygiene, common health problems, and how to manage  how to manage them. A lot of emphasis will be on promoting mental stability in line with AHF vision.